i can't remember if i've mentioned this before, but i'm a purely action movie kind of girl. no romantic comedies, no kate hudson, no jennifer anniston shit, like pure pure action: guns, violence, fighting, car chases, motorcycle chases. it sometimes ruins the movie for me even if there is just a tinge of a romance sub-plot. NO. gratuitous fighting and shooting YES. apart from these kinds of movies, the only other movies that i really enjoy are of the deeply-stirring-no-expectation-make-you-feel-a-whole-damn-range-of-confusing-emotions-once-you-walk-out-of-the-theater-keep-thinking-about-it-for-days-need-to-research-the-background-story variety. case in point, i just got back from seeing "Anvil! The Story of Anvil" tonight and it easily roundhouse kicked it's way into my top movie list. i'd been planning to see this movie for months and months and was finally able to coordinate with friends and see it. i knew it was going to be pretty epic but holy shit. i can't even explain in words how good it actually was. it made me so so sad but i effing LOVED it at the same time. it's both gut-wrenchingly painful and supremely hopeful. the whole time you're thinking FUCK I NEED TO HELP THESE GUYS. and then you realize wait, who the fuck am i? but STILL, i want to help them!! it's a compound of their 80s fame, their skills, the respect from lemy, lars, slash, and scott, and their damn talent and drive that is bewildering and just makes you want to cheer them on. but the kind of people they are, that's the cake. that's what brings tears to my eyes. they're just real, honest, hard-working guys trying to realize their dream. for over 30 fucking years! they play because they just love to play. they love their band, they love to make music. there's no douchebagervancerie here.

of the original Anvil, only Robb and Lips remain + bassist since '95 Glenn Five

to you, sirs, i tip my hat.