dude so i go through waves of different looks. most days i'm pretty johnny cash, but there are days when i love classic americana, days when i want to be the korean kurt cobain, days when i'm down to be super feminine (to a certain extent), and days when i can't be bothered and will stay in my pajamas (which are not actually pajamas per se, but rogue clothes that i don't wear out of the house anymore but are deemed comfortable enough to sleep in) for as long as hygenically acceptable. but these days, i just want to be in phi. everything phi.

and i know this is borderline blasphemous to say....but......these boots have completely
erased all remnants of the ann d triple lace boots from my heart.

are you can you be so amazing...and not on my feet. you win. you win.

duckie would be proud dude. that's all i have to say. duuuude.
ps. note to chloe susans and margiela sandal boots - watch out, i'm still comin for you!