globe trotting

ok so if you're ever in Los Angeles, i suggest you check out this new restaurant, Street. The owner, chef Susan Feniger, also does Border Grill in Santa Monica and Ciudad in Downtown, but this is something entirely different. She apparently traveled the world and has brought street foods from all over the world to aptly named, Street. If you get the opportunity, you must sit outside. A lot of times, restaurants with outside seating sometimes neglect this area in terms of design and ambience, but at Street I like the outside waaaay better than the inside, it's fun and casual.

i don't drink (i know, gasp!) so i started off with the non-alcoholic Sanbitter Sunburst and my friend had a mint julep and later a French beer, La Goudale Blond. they also have Lhassis and assorted international beers. as soon as they seat you, you're hooked up with millet puffs. the crazy thing about this place is that with each dish, each flavor jumps out at you individually. curry, fennel, turmeric, held together with marshmellow. it's like a mini sweet and savory rice krispy treat.

ordered a bunch of things tapas-style. i had just watched Anthony Bourdain in India the night before so this is the very first thing I chose - Paani Puri, little puffs you dip into cilantro water. yes, cilantro water. luxi can i get a woot woot~

Chinese Sesame Cakes. These weren't anything new to me, but pretty much anything made with sticky rice flour I'm down with. I've had a billion of these sesame cakes, or a variation of them, but I'd never had them with this sauce. It was this soy sauce concoction. I wasn't mad at it.

now this.....this...Malaysian Black Pepper Clams. super flavorful. came with these thick ass slices of doughy toasted rye bread with salt and pepper on them! can you see the basil and cilantro and lime? can you see me drooling?

Moldavian Meatballs. these were delicious, but my favorite is still ghetto ass Swedish Meatballs from Ikea. I drive to Ikea to have the Swedish Meatball lunch plate - just for that, no shopping.

and Marinated New York Strip Steak. wait, what? yeah I know, this has nothing to do with international street food. unless, you're walking down a street in any city in the US and go into a restaurant and have...uh...strip...steak...yeah...anyway it was good, but the delish part was what was going on under the meat.

had these and a few other dishes and we were quite stuffed. there were two of us by the way, so it was a good amount of food. i'm obsessive compulsive so i have a tendency to lock down on one item at any given restaurant if i discover something i like. nothing upsets me more than a bad meal, so if something's good i don't like to deviate and run the risk of being devastated. however, i'm curious to try more things at Street. it's a bit pricey here, but i figure it's cheaper than flying to Moldavia for meatballs or Egypt for baked fish.

located on Highland, north of Melrose, in West Hollywood
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