went to the Transformers 2 : Revenge of the Fallen premier last night in Hollywood to support my friend. You should go watch it. Although I'm a purist when it comes to action films and sincerely abhor action movies with underlying love stories, I enjoyed this sequel more than the first one. I just don't understand why they can't make Optimus Prime's voice less douche-y. I mean, is he really Batman in disguise?

wore my new Rodarte jacket/cardigan. it's black yarn with tulle along the edges and fringe along the bottom and on the shoulders. it looks like black yarn dread locks. but the beautiful rodarte quality about it though, is the shimmery threads that go through it. hard to tell in the photos but it's really beautiful in person.

Rodarte jacket, DIY Raquel Allegra black top, RVCA jeans, YSL Studio ankle boots

i swear it doesn't look like pubic hair in real life.

on the way to the premier, spotted this minivan with spinners (rims), they looked like chrome fan blades with flames on them. stylin....not.

my friend's band performed their song after the movie.

lots of lame Hollywood types at the fancy pants after party.

i got to hang out with Tyrese for a min. He wins best dressed.

oh and Ramon Rodriguez, my friend's Halo 3 buddy. He is super duper sweet and awesome in the movie!

i'm thoroughly pooped.