more shots from the goof-around session with my friend Paul of The Social Trust. he's shot for magazines, celebrities, and campaigns for Mosley Tribes, DC, The Hundreds and much much more. i look nothing like that in real life so you can see...he is a damn magician. if you ever want photos that look nothing like you, or say, a lookbook or whatever (just no weddings - he'll punch you in the face) then you should definitely try to book him, he's the awesomest! check out his blog here.

and many many thanks to the lovely Keerstin Wintrup for sending me her snake belt and bracelet. they're so versatile and kick up any outfit! i use the belt as a bracelet and as a bolo-esque necktie and i sometimes use the bracelet as a boot adornment. they're really awesome.

and once again thanks to Sandee of Armor Jewelry for the Rei piece she sent me. i'm wearing it in the second photo. check the site for their newest pieces!