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What is your current obsession?
Tracking down the Chloe Susan boots still. Saving up for my bike. Making money. Just your everyday hustling basically.

What is your horoscope and do you relate?
Gemini. Although I'm not very horoscope-obsessed, I'm the absolute epitome of a Gemini based on what people say. Twins, so dual personalities. I'm the constant embodiment of all things polar opposite and extreme. Super black and white personality, no grey area. Super fashion, but super granny. Super tomboy, but feminine. Really nice, but really mean. It goes on...

What are you wearing today?
XL mens white tee from Goodwill that I cut with an uneven hem, black Zara harem pants, Gareth Pugh two tone wedges. They always get stares.
What is the last thing you bought?
a vintage cardigan jacket thing that looks like an old mexican surfer poncho from Goodwill. Shall be unveiled when the weather gets cooler.

What’s for dinner?
Korean food.

What’s your favorite decade, fashion wise?
I like the 30s, 40s, and 50s because women were very proper and took pride in how they looked 24/7. They always looked so groomed and picture perfect at any given moment - even at home cooking. It's such a departure from any other decade following and from nowadays. I don't like it to emulate in my own everyday fashion, but I certainly appreciate the structure and discipline of it.

What are your must haves for summer?
I would love to say sunscreen and water and whatever else is typically the answer, but I'm honestly really horrible with things like that. I don't even wear sunscreen normally. GASP. I'm actually really lazy with grooming and products in general. My answer would be fruit punch and swimming pools.

What would you love to be able to afford?
A house that I could call my own and decorate in whatever way I wished.

What is your favorite piece of clothing from your own wardrobe?
I love my shoes more than clothes, which is what I tend to build my outfits around. Clothing is really secondary to me usually. I would, however, say I really truly deeply love my Rodarte jacket, all my vintage tees, and anything/everything that was my mom's.
What is your dream job?
Keeping skateboarding alive.

What’s your favorite magazine?
Jalouse, Nippon Vogue, Free & Easy, Purple, Colors

What do you consider a fashion faux pas?
Clubbing makeup with bohemian style.

Describe your personal style?
Anti mid-driff baring, anti bodycon, anti satin or jersey, anti over-trend.
Pro footwear as art, pro comfort.

Which Beatle is your favorite?
Leslie Hardy.

What are you proud of?
My family and friends. For being awesome in every way.

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