posted about the Sheefun for Ann Sofie Back AW09 sunglasses a while back and i've been stalking them ever since. if anyone sees them available anywhere please let me know!!! was checking the site the other day for any new news and thought i'd post these equally awesome accessories from the same season. images are from the sheefun website.

dripping belt why not.

chewing gum necklace yeah.

dreamcatcher necklace please.

and what can i even say about these? #1 favorite amazing spectacular i want now.

i loved all the accessories from her AW08 collection so much so much so much as well...




and my FAVORITE...came so close to getting sad...

speaking of Ann Sofie Back's AW 08 season....i have something VERY special coming to me......

will post soon!

WARNING - not for the faint of heart!