Empress Dior

i've mentioned before that i'm not huge on jewelry and accessories but lately i've been in an inexplicable frenzy acquiring new pieces. see i don't like to have to change out and coordinate accessories everyday. my fashion formula revolves around laziness and comfort and the least amount of thought required to put an outfit together. i like to have a set that i wear every single day and become my constant staples.

spotted this crazy ring at Dior and i must admit, it was not love at first sight. it was peaked curiosity at first sight, but love...not just yet. it took some trying on and walking around (comical i know, for a ring) and just plain marveling at its size. there are times when you see something and you're certain you're drawn to it, but then there's a fine line it teeters on between being monstrous or genius. i inevitably was convinced of the latter.

it kept reminding me of these ancient Chinese hats that emperors and court people wore.
every time i look down at my hand i think of that and it makes me smile. isn't that what fashion is supposed to be afterall? finding pleasure in these treasures we find?