hello wtf

As I was listing my Chanels on eBay today, I had a curious moment and wondered what the current lowest and highest priced pair of shoes were. I've done this a few times before and the lowest priced shoes are usually understandably so, but the highest priced ones are usually some sort of exotic skin or crazy rare runway something or other. Below are the current low and high.
#%(*&^#$(*&@#$&^@!!!!! Please tell me you're feverishly rubbing your eyes like I was when I first saw these. Mind you, I first saw these as a small thumbnail and then my curiosity was met with a huge fuck you axe kick to the face with this enlarged photo. CAAAAANDY. It is apparently a brand called Gasoline Glamour. I don't even have anything clever to say about it.

Then there's always the curious case of the overpriced item. For instance, the "punk clog" (I kid you not, that's what the listing says) pictured below that is priced at a reasonable $1,990 USD. Notice how I had to specify USD...
I'm assuming these are actually $19.90 and were mistakenly listed - and hopefully part of that mistake was referring to them as "punk" as well. But then this makes me wonder if Candyland Gaga reject up there are also actually $70.00 and just missing the decimal point? If you are foolish enough to purchase those for $7,000 then you better make damn sure that candy is edible and makes you shit gold bullions for at least a good solid year. You can wear it with your $1,500 Balmain t-shirt, idiot.