day to night

Rodarte jacket // Zara tee // black skirt // Chanel gun heels

Went to the much anticipated wedding of a family friend, who is more like a brother from another mother. I usually don't get too dressed up for things but this was an extra special occasion so I felt obligated to be ladylike and put together. I'm lucky enough to have a career where I don't have to have separate work clothes, but over the years my closet has become a one note song tuned to my everyday, casual lifestyle because of it. I tried to put something together that was I guess, uh...more demure (?) but still me. After some to-ing and fro-ing with my man and a matronly up-do later, I was out the door. It went from a hot sunshiney ceremony to a candlelit reception.

I had on enough hairspray and makeup to last me the next few months. Now back to slob I go.