random roundup

Alexander McQueen ring at Saks

Ashish AW10 at Browns

Thank you to everyone who sent me links in regards to the Stella dress. They were beyond helpful! After some more research the one I liked the most was the dress below from Japanese brand Haricot Rouge, but still I can't figure out how to buy it. More links! More links!

And then there's this Quiksilver dress at American Rag. Figure could maybe remove the waist tie thing? Close enough, and not bad for $80.

And during my search of keywords "white", "blouse", "shirt", I stumbled on the below PushButton caped shirt at Asos. Me likey.

Oh and also this image on Asos.......which makes me wants to buy whatever it is, NEVER. In fact, she looks like she's warning me NOT to buy it.

And of course another Balmain fail.
(Which incidentally was part of the New Arrivals. DOUBLE HUH???)