"You never met a shoe you didn't want."

Says my man. Absolutely not true, but I do admit that when he gives me the usual reprimand, I almost always respond with some variation of "No you don't understand, I've been wanting these for a while..." which, in my defense, is usually true. I don't typically get too obsessive over any current or upcoming shoes, but rather, find myself hunting and scouring eBay and the www for past season shoes that have constantly eluded me. After all, I'm no millionaire or even thousands-ionaire, so I have to pick and choose and put a lot of thought into which shoes I can actually afford to buy - even after extensive research over the absolute cheapest possible prices. He finally got sick of me sounding like a broken record so had me make him a tangible list of these shoes that I have allegedly "been" hunting, to prove the list is not growing exponentially by the day. Of course there are a few new(ish) pairs, but in the vast sea of shoes that come out every single season from countless designers and brands, one or two is nothing really. Mind you, there are of course shoes other than what's on this list that I ooh and ahh over or blog about and occasionally do purchase, but here is my ultimate wanted list of shoes that keep me up late at night and give me heart murmurs when I think about them.

The stars are the top top TOP ones that I think if I could just get those, I would quit buying shoes altogether, but they always seem to be in the wrong size or ridiculously priced. Some of them you might notice I've had previously but got rid of in hopes of finding the more favored colorway or a better-fitting size.

I would say my man generally thinks all my shoes are crazy and over-the-top, but I'm always thankful that he's a creative-type and can still appreciate the art I value in them. I was really shocked at his favorite pick from the lot, but immediately took that as a green light to pull the trigger and finally get them. Yes, I got another disapproving head shake...but at least I know for sure he'll like them.