I'm pretty sure I'm losing my fashion "edge" because my brain just can't wrap itself around this poncho/cape/bolero/coat/jacket thing I saw on eBay. In fact, it's making my brain want to punch itself. Like literally grow two arms and knock itself out. Twice.
I'm going to forgive this person though, because judging by the hands and neck she is old and possibly senile. Plus she's wearing slacks, which coupled with the fact that she (wisely) hid her face leads me to believe she is an otherwise respectable member of society. I imagine it was a Christmas gift from her son, below, the fur trapper, who also likes to hook his girlfriend and stepdaughter up with warmer weather gear for their annual Cabo spring breaks. He takes his craft seriously.
His mother doesn't.

*EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that the woman in the photo is actually a man. Which can only mean one thing...IT'S THE FUR TRAPPER. He's posing as his "elderly mother" to garner a sympathy purchase for his crazy jacket! Sneaky sneaky. You almost got away with it.