The last of the Fashion Week posts. I usually look at the New York, London, Milan, and Paris schedules beforehand and list what shows I'm going to look up, instead of wasting my time looking through a million photos of brands I don't even like. This means that all the ones on the list are my favorites and the ones I look most forward to seeing, this time around being around 40 shows. You'll notice that I'm not posting about 40 shows and that's because I was waaay underwhelmed this season. Ooooh don't I sound like quite the authority? I had about 15 left from the list to write about after the last fashion week post, and I am only doing two here. You can see why...

WTF RTW. There were 87 looks. EIGHTY SEVEN. That's my first WTF of this show. Here are my others:

-Crystal Renn - please stop repping plus size girls. Unless you're wearing the world's most maximum strength Spanx ever, you are not plus size anymore. Good for you though, you're average now, in fact maybe thinner than average, but please stop trying to be the voice for big girls all over, because you're no longer one of them.

-Below nonsense - I normally get weak-in-the-knees when I see a masculine guy with a baby, but this is not one of those times. This is not ok. Not even in Canada.

-Erin Wasson - this girl doesn't give two shits that this isn't the Rock & Republic show. Whoever the runway director was, he/she had no control over Ms.Wasson's pose game.

-Karl - 87 looks dude. Two of which were Baptiste - which was one two too many. And I wasn't even impressed by your use of Stella, Kristen, Angela, or Ines. Do you see that woman, Karl?

YES!!!! My favorite collection with the most brilliant, wearable looks. I could forego every single piece from every single show this season, for just these three looks alone. I would trade 95% of my entire closet for these and could commit to wearing only these everyday for the next year. That's how perfect they are.