London Hotel pre-party. Friend from Japan's last night before heading home. Pre-party for everyone else, but pre-party, party and after party rolled into one for this old fart. 52 minutes of raging (ie, sitting on a fancy sofa) and I was spent. The bathroom was so nice I wanted to hang out in there the whole night. Actually the entire suite would be my dream master bedroom, minus the color scheme.

Celine tweed structured top // H&M dress // vintage army parka liner // YSL ankle boots
The bathtub was calling to me. I was this close to enjoying a leisurely bath while everyone drank, but drinking leads to peeing and strangers peeing while I'm in the tub is no longer relaxing. Have you ever slept in a bathtub? I have. The idea is more novel than the reality of having your chin stabbing your breast plate all night long.
Easy Cheese, beef jerky, gum. It's a fancy party, people.
I will take a mini condiment over a mini skirt any day.
Bull Dog motif everywhere. #idontgetit