I would like, in no particular order, the following:

A new Airbag Module. My mechanic says it's no big deal that the light has been on for the past 3 months, but clearly the man has no understanding of my OCD. I've never wanted to punch a little red symbol so hard in my life. Everyday.

Laser Surgery for my age spots (that you haven't seen because I use a really awesome concealer called Photoshop) and microdermabrasion for shits.

A new esophageal tract. Life with GERD is not easy. Perhaps Trident would like to gift me this one since I'm probably responsible for 1% of their business. (1% of the world is a lot) If they ever discontinue their spearmint gum I'm fucked.
A home to call my own.

Would die for a lifetime supply of corndogs.
Not literally.

This jacket... (@*#&^%*@!%$*&^@$!*&^*#&!!!!!!!!)
Or these pieces from Weekday. Actually, how about just having a Weekday, Monki, and COS in the US. That would work too. (Zara online also) You Euros have all the good shit.
A closet full (bursting, really) of Celine. Still looking for these....
And this....

But in the end, I would just settle for a white Christmas.