I have no fashiony oh-la-la photos to report because in times of inclement weather I pretty much always look like this. See, no joke. I might also add in times of fatigue, when in a rush, a certain time of the month, and during the work week; which basically adds up to about 80% of the time. On NYE, we ate Japanese pizza at home and broke the usual tradition of falling asleep at 11:30 and went out to a local bar. A local bar that had no indication of what time it was and whose basement location didn't allow for people to look up the countdown on their phones. The end result was a packed room of people confusedly setting off poppers in 10 second intervals because no one knew exactly when midnight was. Anti-climactic to say the least.

In 2011 I would like to:
  • save money (pfffft). "Save more money" would have been doubly pfffft.
  • be not so Jay(ne and Silent Bob) with my looks
  • learn something that will make me seem smarter
  • travel more
  • become a Mrs. and maybe put a No Vacancy sign on the womb
  • not use "like" so much
  • not sit shrimp-backed
  • bring more of the inane and less of the douche to the blog
I don't ever make real resolutions, but it's nice to occasionally make mental notes on self-improvement. I'm not perfect, but I sure as hell don't have to be an ignorant slob.


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