Twitter was inundated with real-time tweets of the Givenchy Mens Fall 2011 show and everything was Rottweiler this, rabid dog that. I was curious to say the least and finally got around to checking it this morning.

Truth be told, I would be nervous and stand a little more upright and stiff-backed than usual if I saw this dude approaching me on the street. Weirdo enough to scare the shrimp back out of a girl! More Vitamin D, less choker huh?
Menswear will always be the best source of inspiration. Need tonal varsity jacket and doggy print shirt STAT.
And things that make you go hmmmm....the rabid Rottweiler print plaid shirt looks an awful lot like the Neighborhood shirt I posted about last year....but why have one, when you could have two?
Which reminded me to take another look at the SS10 Magnificent Seven collection, which you should never do because you will almost always see something you missed then be sad you can't get it anymore.