Some time ago, the lovely ladies of Eleven Objects sent me this very special collar. So special, in fact, that I have not had one worthy occasion to wear it in the past like, oh I don't know, TWO MONTHS since I'd received it. Seeing as how I look like a transient five days out of the week, there are not many sweatpants that would do this collar justice. Plus, you know how you envision a look in your head, but then you're like oh but where am I going to wear an electric blue shirt and white shorts to? Well finally the day came when there was something more exciting than the supermarket.
Equipment shirt // Eleven Objects collar // Emerica DIY shorts // Phi boots // Cast of Vices bag

Before the honeymoon, I was looking for a lighter alternative to my everyday bag to travel with and I wasn't about to pay $$$ for a PLASTIC bag that's supposed to look like...a PLASTIC bag. But of course a leather bag that's supposed to look like a plastic bag makes perfect sense?

And the winner of the Hasbeens x H&M is Kaye I! Congrats!