Alexander Wang vest // Zara cashmere jersey shirt // Cheap Monday jeans // Burberry Prorsum boots

As the year comes to an end, I'm trying to master the art of letting things go - literally and figuratively. Letting go of caring about useless things gets easier with age, almost an automatic occurrence. But letting go of old habits is another story. One thing I've learned, though, is that the more you let go of things cluttering your life, the clearer things become and the more room you've made for what you really want. Rather Confucius of me I know, tis the season.

My closet is almost down to just the way I envision it to be... for the hangers to breathe and things to be pulled with ease...
...the ability to mentally catalog everything because there is that short a list...
...mostly in plain view and not forgotten in some dusty corner...
...the only two reasons for taking up space in my life being
A. so basic it's a necessary staple or
B. pulling on my aesthetic heartstrings so perfectly I would be a fool to pass it up
(double points for A and B)

As of late I've developed a love for these sleeveless coat extra long vest whatchamacallits. Perfect for claustrophobically-challenged dressers like myself. That stifling in the armpits or the extra burdensome weight on the shoulders make for difficult coat wearing. This is kind of the ideal solution? I've already invested in another I have yet to reveal. Now to find the perfect turtleneck for those with ultra sensitive gag reflexes. Literally.