Not much to share from Amsterdam... The first leg of my Europe work trip. My coworkers had the brilliant idea to bike everywhere since we only had a day to visit all the spots on our research course. I imagined leisurely cycling along canals smelling tulips and smiling fondly at windmills, to which I eagerly agreed. But between avoiding getting T-boned from every direction by trains, vans, pedestrians, other bikers (simultaneously), Dutch mothers laughing at me, and trying not to get my tires stuck in the dense web of tram tracks, all the while squinting through horizontal rain, reality was just...too...much.

I was uploading the photos I took and realized they were all of buildings. Big buildings, old buildings, cute buildings, solemn buildings, just lots of buildings. Maybe because they were the greatest contrast from California's stucco landscape? Anyhow, I didn't want to bog you down with them so I'll privately enjoy my building fetish. I did have great Dutch BBQ though. Steaks on laps, I approve.