Honor cardigan coat // CÉLINE shirt // custom leather shorts // CÉLINE shoes // Brook&Lyn necklace // Leoffler Randall bag

On my first day of NYFW I went to the Honor show and was lucky enough to wear a cardigan coat from their Fall 2012 collection. Wasn't there a tropical tornado you say? Wasn't it in the 90s you ask? Why yes, but I pose you this... when have I ever worn weather-appropriate attire? Sure some show-goers threw some confused looks my way but not as ardently as this passer by. I mean I'm out of focus, but clearly that's not the most important part of the photo. I'd like to think that 2% of those who made this face, were more jealous of my outerwear than concerned I might have a heat stroke. It is, afterall, a beautiful gorgeous wonderful dream of a cardigan. That I may have come very close to stealing. Damn morals!