I always mean to do recaps of fashion week but I get caught up with work (read: caught up with my couch after work) and then NY becomes London and Milan becomes Paris and then it's old news and I just want Pringles and a nap. But I can always make time for my #1 gal - Phoebe Philo aka CÉLINE in your face. Let's begin shall we...

For once it wasn't her structured manly vibes, but the swishiness of the dresses that caught my eye. Give me a delicate light swishy dress and I will show you a cold hunched shoulder. But give me a heavy linen swishy dress and I will show you a sashay shante like you've never seen. And those shoes - a little bit Viv a little bit Comme.

The L and R are visually interesting to look at. Oddly enough I like the baby blue and pink combo, but the fur under feet would be an assault on my OCD. The middle pair I would wear. And you would judge me. And I wouldn't care.

The mighty Trio cashin in on the "paper bag" trend too.

And the look I could wear the least but got the loudest gasp.

What? I could wear a shirt under it.