-Jenné Lombardo via The Coveteur

I was browsing through a Coveteur of Jenné Lombardo, general bad ass lady, and caught the above quote. It struck a cord in me because it's the one concise sentence I've been trying to put into words in regards to my own personal style. Is this a common sentiment for women in their thirties? Specifically ones who grew from neighborhood street kids into appreciators of high fashion? Do we have a special subsect of fashion?

When I observe other women whose style I appreciate, whether like mine or not, I sometimes wish I were more streamlined, dare I say disciplined, in my look. But I really don't have a look. As much as my OCD I want to whittle my closet down to a smart Céline look or a gothic Owens look or even zany Comme des Garçons, whatever one directional look, I can never forego Bart Simpsons sweatshirts or SK8-HI's or stupid skate graphic hoodies. And not because they're currently what's "edgy" in fashion, but because of where I came from.

So am I destined to be the forty year old lady with nonsensical, accidental style? I mean I guess I don't mind that much. I'm just here to have fun.