So...the secret reason I went to Barcelona recently was to shoot for Zara's Spring PEOPLE! campaign. It was a really intense short trip, but so exciting. Now that the campaign is up, I can finally share with you some of my own photos from Barcelona. Which I will now and forever call Barthelona.
1 // view outside my hotel window, Barcelona is such a beautiful city
2 // dinner the first night after a day of fittings; with Giulia, Pernille and Phil
3 // my exhaustion best represented by Anne's face
4 // shooting by the water
5 // "b" for Barthelona
6 // overcast but still such a nice day
7 // so many things to take in
8 // Phil and Giulia
9 // need to go back for some Hot & Crusty
10 // scheming how to sneak this look home
11 // wardrobe