What do you get when you mix California cool with French effortlessness? No not a riddle, the answer is simple. Cerre. (Unintentional rapping. Leaving it.) While it annoys me that they somehow manage to both have better hair than me, Clayton and Flavie Webster have the approachable ease of old friends. You almost forget you're in a luxury store.

Their Spring Summer 2014 collection is a mix of subtle beach and Japanese influences, all tied together with the usual French chicness that is so Cerre. They are masters of buttery leather (insert heart eye emoji) and beautifully draped cloaks and capes and all things flowy in the most non-boho way that even a tomboy like me finds herself reaching for. That sandy beige leather top was my favorite, but of course leave it to me to put it on backwards. Thank you Flavie for helping me spin it around. I am clearly not effortless, which is why I rely on chic clothes to help me fake it.

View the new collection at Cerre.
8920 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90069