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When I'm asked who my style icons are, my default answers are always Diane Keaton and Tilda Swinton. Basically women who aren't going for conventionally sexy; sometimes androgynous but always themselves, confident women. But on the day-to-day, I, like many of you, am influenced by street style. The way a stranger wears a hat or cinches a belt over a jacket, wears a folded or unfolded hem. The way a girl can look so effortless and you just want to Freaky Friday swap your coffee stained tee and frumpy Monday jeans. 

This is how I feel about Annina Mislin, a fashion editor at C Magazine. She's been getting a lot of shine on the street style sites the past few fashion weeks and hopefully a lot more in the future! She's a mega babe. Check out her feature on Garance Doré and keep an eye out for her!