The holidays are upon us. How is it almost 2015? I breezed through Black Friday temptations like a champ, but December always puts me in a #treatyoself mood. And since it is already the second day of the month, may as well jump straight into it?

I'm hooked on The Real Real. So much Louis, Prada, Chanel, Stella, Proenza, and Céline (without the Celine Dion CDs and Vegas show merch). I got my Chanel duster there so it's sort of becoming my go-to for rare and past season items. Missed out on vintage YSL cufflinks for $50 :( but you bet I put myself on their wait list option. How do you think I got this coat? The holidays are a time for optimism after all. Check out their 12 Days of Gifting here for luxury holiday gift ideas, or just go #treatyoself.

photos by YY


photography Jedd Cooney

I met some great people while I was in Sydney last month and I was fortunate enough to spend an afternoon shooting with one. Jedd's shot for Oyster and Desillusion, some of my favorite magazines. Lots of great work coming out of Australia. I'm no model, but thanks for makin me look semi cleaned up Jedd! Check out his site here and follow him on Instagram here

And thank you Acne, Bassike, and Supply Store for letting me style my dream looks!


Obey jacket // Zara linen tee // RVCA jeans // Acne boots

One of my favorite combos is all black with one brown item (same for black and navy). It's an easy way to incorporate color for those of us who have 80% black wardrobes. And speaking of the brown (which is actually caramel), this jacket is real suede and under $200. Now I just need it in black.


I've secretly been on the hunt for the perfect classic not-overly-designed biker jacket. Vintage was the most affordable, but it's so hard to find a perfect slim cut with leather that doesn't make you feel like you're wearing shoulder weights. I finally narrowed it down to the Acne Mape Jacket (left), but now they threw me for a loop with this textured leather and detachable shearling collar version (right). Crying at all this perfection.


left: Acne Pre Fall 13 // right: Hege Aurelie, photo by Adam Katz Sinding

Sometimes you are intrigued by fashion, or maybe downright confused. Your instincts tell you you appreciate it, but you're still not quite sure what to make of it. Then you see a street style photo that illustrates how you can take the craziest of things and make them totally wearable. These are the moments I love.


Zara overalls and linen tee // Acne denim jacket // Balenciaga boots // Céline bag // Rayban sunglasses

Just got back from a whirlwind trip to Barcelona. Two days of travel and two days of work are kind of insane for going abroad; it's left me pretty much in sloth mode. I have little faith in my body to withstand such a second time. Nonetheless it was an exciting experience, made only doubly exciting by being in the motherland of Zara. I was able to finally pick up a decently affordable pair of real leather overalls (that I think I actually like better than all the rest). I don't think they're available in the US just yet, but I'd keep my eyes peeled. Too good a steal to pass up.


Acne jacket // Equipment shirt // custom leather shorts // Blends x Vans Vault SK8-HIs

You know when you're so busy you can't eat lunch, then you're so tired you can barely eat dinner? Take out is the answer. Ideally I wouldn't have to walk, but I'll take what I can get. (California rolls and watermelon???)

I sat in shrimp back position hunched over a project for six hours straight with no breaks. I have prison eyes and my back is crumbling, so there's not much more Tuesday I can handle. Tomorrow friends!


T by Alexander Wang shirt c/o of I Dont Like Mondays // Acne leather jacket // vintage DIY Levis // Jenni Kayne flats

This shirt is by far the "sexiest" item of clothing to make it through my closet door, but quite possibly the perfect entry-level scandalous shirt for a grandma like me. Another photo here. Then the elusive Metal jacket that I failed horribly on bringing home with me from Stockholm and subsequently could not stop obsessing over. Makes for some terribly stressful online scouring, but in the end really solidifies a lifetime of appreciation. Perfect leather jacket, check.

I can't seem to recall the last time I came home from work and had nothing to do but veg. A blessed complaint I suppose? New York in two weeks for some projects. Any recommendations?