Just about the only kind of dress I will wear - long and baggy. But the addition of a nice clean lady bag gives it a bit more of a feminine touch. Ok fine, I wasn't expecting you to overlook the sneakers, but really all I can do is try.

I've never been much of a bag person. I prefer classic designs as long as all the styles are covered - bucket, messenger, small, tote, lady, doctor, duffel. Finally ticked that grown up lady bag off the list and even ventured into non-black territory. I swear I always find all my hunting list items on The RealReal.

photos by Jazzi


Emerson Fry coat // A.L.C. tank and bag // J Brand jeans // Adidas shoes // Ray Ban sunglasses

This is actually my favorite blink-and-you-might-miss-it weather period of LA. Just about a week that hovers in the high 60s between "winter" and "spring" (quotations emphasizing our lack of actual seasons) - perfect for tshirt and jeans and a light jacket. This Emerson Fry coat falls into the ideal Spring outerwear category offering just a tiny bit of extra warmth with bonus points for making it look like you tried when really you're just wearing those same jeans + Adidas for the umpteenth time. I am, if nothing else, an illusionist.


Zara coat // Equipment sweater // Alexander Wang trousers // Adidas x Raf Simons shoes

I'm really loving the gloomy weather this week. There was a time when I hated any degree higher than the one where I could just wear a tshirt and jeans and be perfectly comfortable (which is usually around 76). Now the minute it dips into the 60s I reach for full on winter coats, just cause...when else can I?

On the topic of mens shoes (see below post), I managed to reverse squeeze my feet into these Adidas x Raf Simons. That's what thick socks are for. The colors are ugly and obnoxious in the most perfect way - something about burgundy/navy combos that just gets me. Shout out to Solestruck Mens for stocking the small sizes!


Soulland sweatshirt // LNC tank // Ksubi jeans // Adidas Superstar shoes

Despite not being into graphic apparel lately, I really liked this sweatshirt because the white slub on the blue reminded me of old granite ware cookware - the kind we always had camping. The AWAY seemed to fit in with that initial theme too, bonus for chainstitching. Maybe I need to go camping?

Between this and the previous post plus free shipping worldwide, The Goodhood Store spells trouble for me. Already eyeing this, this, this, this, this, thisthis, and oh gosh this.


Supermuse jacket // Zara linen tee // vintage Levi's // Adidas Superstars

I crawl out of bed at the last possible minute every weekday morning, usually ending up in head-to-toe black (cause when you're bleary eyed there's no time for color coordinating). So on the weekends I like to sometimes put on a zoot suit. JAY KAY. Not, I repeat, not. a. zoot. suit. Back to an important topic though - why am I so preoccupied with pinstripes these days? Someone please explain. 140 characters or less. Go.


CÉLINE coat // vintage quilted thermal // MNG leather track pants // Adidas shell toes // Saint Laurent bag // Ray Ban sunglasses

top image by Phil Oh for // bottom image Tommy Ton for Jak & Jil

This coat finally made its debut after a snowy first couple days. When there was finally a break in the weather, it was time. These were taken after the Jeremy Laing show. By that point after all the slush and wind, I just wanted to be comfortable, so the rest of the look was offset with leather track pants and my trusty Adidas shell toes, that are sadly no longer gleaming white. A shoe bath is in order.