Zara coat // Equipment sweater // Alexander Wang trousers // Adidas x Raf Simons shoes

I'm really loving the gloomy weather this week. There was a time when I hated any degree higher than the one where I could just wear a tshirt and jeans and be perfectly comfortable (which is usually around 76). Now the minute it dips into the 60s I reach for full on winter coats, just cause...when else can I?

On the topic of mens shoes (see below post), I managed to reverse squeeze my feet into these Adidas x Raf Simons. That's what thick socks are for. The colors are ugly and obnoxious in the most perfect way - something about burgundy/navy combos that just gets me. Shout out to Solestruck Mens for stocking the small sizes!


VEDA Castor vest // JW Anderson sweater // Zara linen tee // CÉLINE pants // Alexander Wang heels

The piecing together of this look with the sleeveless leather and the bodyless knit sort of equals one full top in the end - layering that for once didn't yield the usual puffed up stuffiness. I normally never tuck in my shirts but the green is so dependent on the light blue is dependent on the royal blue is dependent on the maroon of these pants so it just had to be this way. I'm not one to fight logic.


T by Alexander Wang shirt c/o of I Dont Like Mondays // Acne leather jacket // vintage DIY Levis // Jenni Kayne flats

This shirt is by far the "sexiest" item of clothing to make it through my closet door, but quite possibly the perfect entry-level scandalous shirt for a grandma like me. Another photo here. Then the elusive Metal jacket that I failed horribly on bringing home with me from Stockholm and subsequently could not stop obsessing over. Makes for some terribly stressful online scouring, but in the end really solidifies a lifetime of appreciation. Perfect leather jacket, check.

I can't seem to recall the last time I came home from work and had nothing to do but veg. A blessed complaint I suppose? New York in two weeks for some projects. Any recommendations?


Alexander Wang vest // Zara cashmere jersey shirt // Cheap Monday jeans // Burberry Prorsum boots

As the year comes to an end, I'm trying to master the art of letting things go - literally and figuratively. Letting go of caring about useless things gets easier with age, almost an automatic occurrence. But letting go of old habits is another story. One thing I've learned, though, is that the more you let go of things cluttering your life, the clearer things become and the more room you've made for what you really want. Rather Confucius of me I know, tis the season.

My closet is almost down to just the way I envision it to be...
...room for the hangers to breathe and things to be pulled with ease...
...the ability to mentally catalog everything because there is that short a list...
...mostly in plain view and not forgotten in some dusty corner...
...the only two reasons for taking up space in my life being
A. so basic it's a necessary staple or
B. pulling on my aesthetic heartstrings so perfectly I would be a fool to pass it up
(double points for A and B)

As of late I've developed a love for these sleeveless coat extra long vest whatchamacallits. Perfect for claustrophobically-challenged dressers like myself. That stifling in the armpits or the extra burdensome weight on the shoulders make for difficult coat wearing. This is kind of the ideal solution? I've already invested in another I have yet to reveal. Now to find the perfect turtleneck for those with ultra sensitive gag reflexes. Literally.

woke up rather ill on nye morning so ended up just staying in all day/night. which, to a hermit like me, is a wonderful excuse that validates staying home on a night when everyone's agenda is to party party party. worked out nicely because my brother and friends came over to my house and brought the party to me. goofed around most of the night in my room with Pixel Man and his camera. for some reason i have moments of wanting to dress up on the most random of days, and then on days when the norm is to dress up, i have absolutely no desire.

Isabel Marant tee / RVCA jeans / Theory cardigan / H&M linen military jacket

oh and i couldn't resist this total steal at the Barney's sale. last purchase of 2009.

DIY bleached shredded jeans / leopard tights / Alexander Wang Frankie creepers

sunny days yield lasers

i love random days when you really have no plans and a quick trip to the post office turns into a full blown day of unwarranted hangout sessions and seeing friends. especially when the weather is sunny and there is art to be appreciated. saw my friend Dom for a bit then headed over to meet my buds Joe and Bobby at Canvas LA, a gallery space/store on Fairfax to check out the current art displayed.

my gun lighter is a hit. everyone tries to jack it cause pulling the trigger shoots the red laser pointer. i think Bobby actually still has it :/
i'm wearing DIY Raquel tee AGAIN, denim shorts, gladiator sandals, my new Wang Rico bucket bag!

oh and picked up these new sneaks from The Hundreds today. Thanks Bobby! i think they're the first non-Vans sneakers i've owned in YEARS. And yes, that is 100% Mr.T on my Blackberry.

i could have sworn someone roundhouse jump kicked me in the diaphragm the instant i saw these wang fall 09 boots. wtf alex. seriously though, can you stop? give me some time to get together some funds before you pull this shit, huh?

they easily slide into a tied #1 spot with the fall 09 phi boots.

and ravaging the #2 spot would be these fuckers.
(also wang)

these deserve a hall of fame all on their own. i still haven't recovered from initially seeing these on the runway and dreaming every night of how to possibly craft my own? but man, to be able to just own it. and coddle it. and snuggle it. oh and flaunt it.

also currently stoked on...

ann d bell vest top thing

gareth pugh pleated trousers

moncler gamme rouge jacket

sick rick owens boots

hey uh...um...so...dude uh yeah...could you maybe spot me?

uh like twenty? oh, i mean uh twenty grand. yeah, that should be good.


all via luisaviaroma

silky smoov

you know what's awesome? i got some gift certificates to opening ceremony...so i'm now eyeing this incredible stud-printed silk trench coat.

you know what else is awesome? i had the most epic birthday bbq/party ever and didn't take one single picture. GREAT. not.