Facetasm dress // Ann Demeulemeester lace up sandals // Mansur Gavriel clutch

I don't usually show so much skin, but I guess fashion week brings out the adventurous dressing spirit in me? Thank goodness the weather was mild enough to wear this dress from Facetasm, one of my favorite Japanese brands. I found it in Hong Kong at the IT outlet, a must stop. And by far, my most useful pre-fashion week purchase, this Mansur Gavriel large wallet. I wish you could see the beautiful royal blue interior. Remind me to show you.


Four out of five workdays I wear a tshirt and some sort of comfy pants. One out of those four days is a borderline sweatpant pajama variation. So I'm thankful for pants like these that trick my body into thinking they're sweatpants, but I can look down and breathe a sigh of proper work attire relief that they are indeed leather. Heck I'm practically dressed up! And especially in this sweaty knee pit weather we've been experiencing, stretchy loose leather is a godsend.


In response to the Margiela heels in my last post, William (damn you again!!) tipped me off to these FA10 Margiela boots at Luisaviaroma which apparently have a metal horse shoe heel. I love horses and I love Margiela, well how about that? Of course I couldn't close the screen without doing my seasonal oogling of Luisaviaroma's other new offerings either.

clockwise from top left : Margiela, Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester, Givenchy

clockwise from top left: Margiela, Tom Binns, Delettrez

Not that I can afford any of these, but you bet your ass I can oogle with the best of them. More importantly, I'm a mean stalker and can hunt down a good bargain. Maybe some of these will last through the next round of sales? I'm not much of an impulse buyer anyway, so if I still want something in 6 months or a year and somehow I miraculously find it, then it's meant to be! Otherwise, there will always be another season to torture me.

*for some reason I've been obsessing over the idea of red tights with red shoes these days.

cant wait for spring...

i don't think anyone ever questions whether or not ann demeulemeester will deliver, come each new season, but at the end of each you're always left wondering how it could get any better. just when you think how will she top the leather ribcage belt contraption and THOSE lace up boots? she comes with these metal strands and insane strappy footwear. these boots are the ultimate for spring.

this dress and jacket would drastically improve the quality of my life.
and what even needs to be said about these...

love this take on the classic white shirt and tailored suit.

Parisian chic yes. other shows may have more whoa and pizazz but Isabel Marant always shows the most everyday wearable chic clothes. this jacket is perfection.

after last fall's crazy metal and chainmail detailed jackets i looked forward to seeing what new details there would be for spring. surprisingly these shoes caught my eye more than the clothes. the detail on the jacket though is so exquisite.

no words.

i could have sworn someone roundhouse jump kicked me in the diaphragm the instant i saw these wang fall 09 boots. wtf alex. seriously though, can you stop? give me some time to get together some funds before you pull this shit, huh?

they easily slide into a tied #1 spot with the fall 09 phi boots.

and ravaging the #2 spot would be these fuckers.
(also wang)

these deserve a hall of fame all on their own. i still haven't recovered from initially seeing these on the runway and dreaming every night of how to possibly craft my own? but man, to be able to just own it. and coddle it. and snuggle it. oh and flaunt it.

also currently stoked on...

ann d bell vest top thing

gareth pugh pleated trousers

moncler gamme rouge jacket

sick rick owens boots

hey uh...um...so...dude uh yeah...could you maybe spot me?

uh like twenty? oh, i mean uh twenty grand. yeah, that should be good.


all via luisaviaroma

san diego

went down to san diego today to spend time with my pal Aly, who is the creative force behind such brands as Alphanumeric and Fiberops. i've known him for a decade now and while we've obviously aged in real time, we're still juvenile dorks around each other. some things never change.

where the magic happens...
i love mama owerka...i also love my camel Ann D's...the blue would be me and the red is the economy...i hate you...

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  • vintage wrangler jeans
  • ann demeulemeester ghillie boots