Equipment Homme shirt // vintage Levi's shorts // Birkenstocks // Issey Miyake bag // Ann-Sofie Back sunglasses

Just a quick update from Cabo. I've had a crazy few weeks leading up to this work trip that I'm on at the moment. Wifi is terrible, but I suppose that's not high up on the priority list for most people who come here. Follow me on Instagram if you care to see more of what I'm up to. @stopitrightnow :)

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Zara linen tee // H&M angora sweater // RVCA jeans // Burberry Prorsum wedges // Ann-Sofie Back sunglasses

I didn't grow up using the microwave, so I'm embarrassingly inept at gauging times to reheat things. I mean I can cook or bake anything, but I need explicit time directions when it comes to nuking. I burned the shit out of my microwave trying to make none other than microwave popcorn the other night. I was flailing my arms trying to keep the alarm and sprinklers from going off, like another poor resident did a few months ago destroying about 20 other units in the process. Luckily I was saved from that shame, but now our entire place reeks of smoke. I'm jumping at any chance I get to breath fresh air.

Between the smokey home and the sub zero A/C my company insists on, the little outdoor breaks in the random 91˚ winter weather as of late are kind of nice.


so what i was alluding to in my last Ann Sofie Back post finally arrived! i've been STALKING this assymetric leather biker poncho since her AW08 show and it's been near impossible to track down....


the right side is like a poncho/cape that warps into a classic moto/biker jacket on the left side.

worn with vintage Dead Kennedys tee, Forever21 black jeans, Marc Jacobs buckle boots

it's absolutely breath-taking and i seriously have NO words for it. nothing does it justice - certainly not my shoddy pictures. i swore when i saw this on the runway i would never need another jacket and now that i have finally procured it, i'm fairly certain i won't. i mean i can't promise or anything :) but how do you top something like this?

i know the ultimate question will be HOW i came upon this holy of holies, and the answer is...

The Convenience Store

i managed to track it down to this great great boutique in London and after some correspondence with the wonderful shopkeeper, Andrew Ibi, i was on my way to owning my dream dream dream jacket! not only is Andrew super duper nice and extremely helpful, but he has a true appreciation for his customers' love of fashion. it's a really refreshing experience shopping with him! my lovely package came with an advertising insert with their signature green stripes on the cover. inside are sketches by Andrew himself and ads of various brands carried.

The Convenience Store carries such brands as Gareth Pugh, Boudicca, Ann Sofie Back, Rick Owens, Hannah Marshall and more. they have an amazing selection so be sure to check out TCS at the below address if you are in London or check out the website here.

+44 (0) 20 8968 9095


posted about the Sheefun for Ann Sofie Back AW09 sunglasses a while back and i've been stalking them ever since. if anyone sees them available anywhere please let me know!!! was checking the site the other day for any new news and thought i'd post these equally awesome accessories from the same season. images are from the sheefun website.

dripping belt why not.

chewing gum necklace yeah.

dreamcatcher necklace please.

and what can i even say about these? #1 favorite amazing spectacular i want now.

i loved all the accessories from her AW08 collection so much so much so much as well...




and my FAVORITE...came so close to getting sad...

speaking of Ann Sofie Back's AW 08 season....i have something VERY special coming to me......

will post soon!

WARNING - not for the faint of heart!

wait what?

ok so i know jen already posted about ann sofie back's aw 09 collection. butttttt...........excuse me?

um FOR REAL? seriously?! those glasses?! WHAAAAAAT?! i can say with the utmost confidence to all other sunglasses : fuck you dude. fuck you. you lose. these win. go home.

sheefun chan for ann-sofie back

i hope those go into production. i hope i can get my hands on a pair. please please pleeeeeease.