So excited to see the feature on artist Do Ho Suh on The Line. I've loved his work since seeing it at LACMA a few years ago, and I quite literally stumbled into his enormous Home within Home within Home within Home within Home earlier this year while at the MMCA in Seoul. Few things in life take my breath away like huge scale, intricate artworks. Read the piece here (and check out my favorite toilet piece).


Artist Anna Lomax
Photographer Jess Bonham
For Garage Magazine
Inspired by the work of Ellen Gallagher

As dark or broody as I dress and despite my high fashion predilections, when it comes to art and visuals I'm more moved by the quirky and offbeat. Sometimes art looks easy, but it takes a certain kind of mad scientist or exceptional visual communication skills to get these I'm really into the work of Anna Lomax. See more here.


The weekend started off with an interesting twist - I thought my eyeball was going to explode. Turns out it was just allergic conjunctivitis...nothing a few medicated eyedrops couldn't cure. Crisis averted, depth perception saved. So with my newfound appreciation for clear vision and easy blinkage, we took the ol' orbitals to go see the Art in the Streets show at the Geffen MOCA. Go check it out and support your local artist!

Evil Twin shirt // Monki dress // Günt studded Converse // Margiela rings

Haring mobile...

Kenny Scharf room...

Studded Converses are a hit with cholos. Who knew?!

and I was like....WHOA....

and then I was all....hmmm....

but Pixelman was like....DUDE.

Ed Templeton!

Eeep! Neckface!

oh hi Erik...

and Ed Harris was there too...


(So you know it has to be good.)

via Dazed Digital

I'm interested in doubt. I've done work using the phrase 'Belief plus Doubt = Sanity.' Doubtlessness frequently results in arrogance and abuse of power and physical violence...My work is also engaged in a commentary that is frequently about parody and irony. And I believe that laughter can have both a liberating and progressive doubting effect. But it can also have a reactionary and brutal and cruel effect. It can work in many ways.

-Barbara Kruger

summer no bummer

random photos i haven't posted + today's events...

two words. Colossal. Burger.

summer is nice.

say no to Sierra Mist.

went to LACMA today with the bro. there was this amazing installation thing outside. like a carnival house-of-fun, except made with various plastic household items. things like this make me forget my age.

wearing bleached denim shirt, Corpus tank, Zara trousers, Gareth Pugh two-tone wedges, Wang Rico bag, Mosley Tribes sunglasses

ended with a trip to the korean market for dinner supplies.

rome wasn't built in a day

went to the Gag Me With A Toon art show at Meltdown Comics cause my friend had a piece in the show. It was the best piece at the show in my humble opinion, but then i'm heavily biased as well since i helped paint it :) from afar i think it looks a bit like an abstract version of Hokusai's Great Wave, but then you get up close and....well...see?

wearing Zara pants, Tsubi smiley tank, Margiela cape, Marc Jacobs buckle boots, goofy facial expression

el anatsui

while i was perusing the new york times style magazine, i came across an article on a nigerian artist that goes by the name of El Anatsui. He recycles bottle caps that he amasses from all over west africa, crushes them into flat pieces, and then fashions them into huge sheets to look like fabric or giant draperies. they're stunning to say the least.the bottom photo reminds me of dries van noten bead work. maybe that's why i was drawn to it?

please excuse the shoddy scan job, i'm very tired today.