Vintage camo jacket // Nowhere sweater // Ashish pants // Zara heels

This is the only sequin article of clothing, or actually article of anything, that I own. I've been saving myself for Ashish. The sequin part of my being, no matter how small, belongs to him wholly and completely.

On a more podiatric note, these damn shoes annihilated my feet. Pulverized bones, shredded skin, poor squished toes. Sorry feet, I was foolish. Shame on me.


Yep, still obsessing over the sequin shirt I previously posted about and pretty much everything else from the Ashish AW10 collection. I'm generally not a fan of sequins, but the way he does it is discreet and I can get down with that. I love the precision and the clean lines of the patterns and how the sequins just give it that subtle bit of sparkle. I would gladly trade most of my wardrobe for the 4 runway looks below. Why do I keep thinking of Garfield?
via google image search

I blame Grace. hehe