Just about the only kind of dress I will wear - long and baggy. But the addition of a nice clean lady bag gives it a bit more of a feminine touch. Ok fine, I wasn't expecting you to overlook the sneakers, but really all I can do is try.

I've never been much of a bag person. I prefer classic designs as long as all the styles are covered - bucket, messenger, small, tote, lady, doctor, duffel. Finally ticked that grown up lady bag off the list and even ventured into non-black territory. I swear I always find all my hunting list items on The RealReal.

photos by Jazzi


I've come to realize that although my rules are strict, there are always loopholes. I normally hate PU and prefer to always buy real leather, unless it is purposely made to look even more synthetic. I'm usually not a fan of acid wash, unless it comes in an odd shape conducive to cholo short-making.

After seeing the top version of this cracked PU on Ivania, I clicked on over to ASOS to find that the jacket was better suited to my style and soon had these horrible (read: brilliant) pants in my cart as well. Funny how things go blank for a second.


ASOS jumpsuit // Givenchy Necklace // CÉLINE Trio clutch

I actually did a really poor job of documenting my outfits during fashion week. Probably because it was a hectic mess and I was more focused on not sweating than actually looking fashionable. I'll try to post some more looks if I can scrounge some up. This is what I wore to the Theyskens Theory show. The top image is from W Mag and the bottom from The Cut. It's a very strange thing being street style snapped.

When the photographers asked for outfit details, they all gasped when I said my jumpsuit was from ASOS. Or maybe they were just plain shocked I was wearing a wool tweed jumpsuit in 80 degree weather. (There were clouds in the morning, ok?) Either way, you can get it here.


I generally don't plan for or even dress for seasons, but this Fall I'm inexplicably (not really) obsessed with finding as many jumpsuits in as many textures as possible and the perfect pair of leather overalls. Neither of which have any shred of practicality for the mild Los Angeles "winters" but both of which would make me so happy (and even more masculine). yay!