What a difference it makes getting your makeup done by an actual professional! I don't know if I'll be able to replicate this look, but I'll give it the ol' overachiever OCD effort. No surprise I'm not a huge fan of color (but do appreciate the drama of a defined eye), so I secretly love to use contour kits as neutral eyeshadows as well. And this LORAC PRO Contour Palette has all the best shades for defining. Just watch me get my sculpted face on.

Thank you to Carol Shaw, Mark Chi (pictured), and the LORAC PRO team for a fun day of pampering!

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Anything I can do from the comfort of my pajamas within arms reach of Cheetos, is basically an automatic favorite. I recently got to try Commodity scents. Their convenient fitting kits allow you to test their range of scents all without skipping a (Netflix) beat at home. I tried both the men's and women's. It's nice that you get to test it out on your own time in your own way. I find it helpful to wear a scent for a day and let it mix with your natural pH to see if it's actually a good fit. In the end it came down to Dew for me and (a little borrowing from the boys' Cane). Pro tip: also a good way to force your mate into the scent you like (but you didn't hear that from me). Order a kit here.


Skin Trip moisturizer and bar soap by Mountain Ocean

My latest beauty obsessions. They leave you smelling so good, like perpetual vacation. Two of my biggest pet peeves are soaps that feel slick and take forever to wash off and greasy lotions. My gut is telling me the creator of these is samesies. What a simple way to infuse some much-needed pampering into my morning routine. Also, shout out to fellow bar soap users!


When you're friends text you to go to Rodeo and your first instinct is mmm Mexican food... You know you're a little scrambled. Quick correction to the Drive not the restaurant and what started off as spontaneously tagging along, ended up in some lady-like impulse buys. Perfume and pearls.

I've been looking for a signature scent for what seems since high school forever and I think I've finally found it in Byredo's Inflorescence. Now I'm just waiting for the travel vials. And those pearls? Yes, those Dior pearls.


Venom shirt and pants courtesy of Style Stalker // Opening Ceremony wedges // Surrounded Night necklace

I'm fortunate enough to have an arsenal of Photoshop magic to make me feel a bit more presentable when I'm not feeling so hot, but it only goes so far. Beauty and skincare have been an ongoing battle for me...one I wish I didn't have to deal with. But the older I get, the more wrinkles I get (don't even get me started on adult acne oy!), and in turn, the more help miracles I need. For a peak into my favorite products, check out my Beauty.com feature!

And for a limited time, get $10 off your order when you spend $50 or more at Beauty.com! Try some of my picks or dabble in some others and let me know! Especially if it's a wrinkle reducer! Holla!