Zara linen tee // H&M angora sweater // RVCA jeans // Burberry Prorsum wedges // Ann-Sofie Back sunglasses

I didn't grow up using the microwave, so I'm embarrassingly inept at gauging times to reheat things. I mean I can cook or bake anything, but I need explicit time directions when it comes to nuking. I burned the shit out of my microwave trying to make none other than microwave popcorn the other night. I was flailing my arms trying to keep the alarm and sprinklers from going off, like another poor resident did a few months ago destroying about 20 other units in the process. Luckily I was saved from that shame, but now our entire place reeks of smoke. I'm jumping at any chance I get to breath fresh air.

Between the smokey home and the sub zero A/C my company insists on, the little outdoor breaks in the random 91˚ winter weather as of late are kind of nice.


Celine vest // Target turtleneck // Cheap Monday jeans // Burberry Prorsum boots // Celine sunglasses // Givenchy bag

Hapkido? Jedi? What the hell is that girl wearing? I think these are the more common thoughts of the general public. But in the cyber world, I know you get me. I realized later that the belt really takes it to that Tae Kwon Do level, so maybe next time I'll go sans. I wish these photos weren't so blown out so you could see the topstitch details that made my mind go blank and had me whipping out my cc faster than you can say haya! So as one Instagram follower noted correctly, this is the capelikevestcoatkeepmewarmwithoutmakingmenervouslyclaustrophobic thing as previously mentioned. Happy holidays. My unrestricted arms salute you.


Alexander Wang vest // Zara cashmere jersey shirt // Cheap Monday jeans // Burberry Prorsum boots

As the year comes to an end, I'm trying to master the art of letting things go - literally and figuratively. Letting go of caring about useless things gets easier with age, almost an automatic occurrence. But letting go of old habits is another story. One thing I've learned, though, is that the more you let go of things cluttering your life, the clearer things become and the more room you've made for what you really want. Rather Confucius of me I know, tis the season.

My closet is almost down to just the way I envision it to be... for the hangers to breathe and things to be pulled with ease...
...the ability to mentally catalog everything because there is that short a list...
...mostly in plain view and not forgotten in some dusty corner...
...the only two reasons for taking up space in my life being
A. so basic it's a necessary staple or
B. pulling on my aesthetic heartstrings so perfectly I would be a fool to pass it up
(double points for A and B)

As of late I've developed a love for these sleeveless coat extra long vest whatchamacallits. Perfect for claustrophobically-challenged dressers like myself. That stifling in the armpits or the extra burdensome weight on the shoulders make for difficult coat wearing. This is kind of the ideal solution? I've already invested in another I have yet to reveal. Now to find the perfect turtleneck for those with ultra sensitive gag reflexes. Literally.


my brain can't wrap itself around fashion and/or all the fall 10 shows at the moment, but what does stand out for me are the shearling jackets. i love shearling lined anything - leather jackets, aviator jackets, denim jackets - even Snuggle, because he looks like shearling.
the left two are from the much talked about Burberry Prorsum show and the right is Helmut Lang, which looks the most wearable to me. I have an aversion towards really heavy jackets and things that come up on my neck. Part claustrophobia and part it-just-makes-me-tired-carrying-something-heavy-on-my-shoulders-all-damn-day.
The most ideal, perfect-in-every-way, wouldn't-change-a-thing, jacket. Balenciaga Fall 2004 RTW show.

this Balenciaga jacket recently caught my eye on Ebay...


first of all, i've been wanting to say...what the hell is Pre-any season? i just don't get it... are my picks so far.


  1. For someone like me who belly-flabbage-concealing is of the utmost-importance, peasant tops and generally anything billowy is a godsend. plus i'm automatically in love with anything in a pale nude shade. i like looking like a washed-out corpse.
  2. ruffles ruffles ruffles...i can never get enough. also good for concealing inner-tube waistlines. on the plus side, when i am pregnant one day, i won't have to buy maternity clothes - my closet will be good to go just as it is.

  3. i think i've mentioned before that i really dig tonal outfits. especially in blacks, whites, and greys. the peplum dress + blazer give a subtle edge to the otherwise straightforward skirt suit.
  4. what the hell do i even say about this jacket. the fur shoulders are so regal. i would just want to command people all day. and then step on them with those insane colored heels.


  5. wool (?) + leather combo coat, yes. is that a frickin rolling luggage nightingale?? what the...
  6. again with the tonal. the all white look is so crisp, whether it's light linens and poplins in the summer or heavy wools like this. i love anything with a cape look as well. this is a nice shorter version. the overall silhouette is so chic. i would imagine this to be the business stormtrooper in HR that all the other soldier stormtroopers would turn in their W-2's to.


  7. since i can't seem to track down the elusive '04 Balenciaga shearling jacket, i've been on the hunt for other equally enticing substitutes. there are lots of these black types with the huge fur collar/lapels and leather bodies. this one's not bad.
  8. the coat is a thing of dreams. that shape. that gigantic oversized satin lapel...


  9. that two tone fur coat is amazing. we've all seen the all black ones or even the crazy neon pink one last year, but this black and white version is my favorite so far. very Daphne Guiness no?
  10. i don't know what to say about this. it's so simple and beautiful and lux. camel coat with a pink fur wrap thingamabob. excellent.


  11. i can't remember the last time (if ever) i liked a red dress. the structured shoulders and (again) capelet top with the full skirt. beautiful proportions. not to mention that beadwork on the chest bib. but then again, what dress wouldn't look good on Stam?
  12. i'm really curious about these boots, i want to see more detail. i'm kind of on the fence but they seem like they could be good. the jacket is so technicolor wowness. my bf doesn't really get why i would like Burberry or Chanel or Prada - he has such a mainstream view of them, thinking they're very St. John-esque matronly brands. i like the odd weirdness that sometimes comes from them every once in a while. very hit-or-miss i know, but when it's a hit (*nudge nudge light bulb heel*) it's a BIG POW hit.


  13. i've been both curious and a bit intrepid when it comes to jumpsuits. the only one i own and love is an actual military fighter pilot flight suit that i usually wear with the arms folded around my waist. i'd be interested in wearing a full top/bottom deal but only if i could find the right proportions/fabric. this one looks nice.
  14. one silhouette i love is a big/long top with a slim bottom, but a lot of times, the bottom becomes an afterthought because you only see the knees down. these pants are the perfect color and have the perfect cut outs. i approve immensely.


  15. shearling and brown leather aviator jacket + pleated peg leg trousers. yes please, thank you. i dig you, amelia earhart.
  16. i would very much like this fluffy shag carpet jacket and also her mile long legs. which, incidentally is the only way in which you could pull off said jacket.

    Louis Vuitton

  17. all i keep thinking is Raqel Welch in One Million Years BC. that said, every other thing from the collection (not to mention the travesty that was SS 2010) sucked ass. HARD.


i was looking at the fall 09 burberry prorsum boots that are kind of like a crossbreed between the emma cook topshop boots and the balmain fringe boots.

which made me randomly think about the scarf from the fall 2002 collection that i had been so obsessed with that i even tried to knit my own. i wonder who actually owns this and if they'll come knock on my door and hand it to me in a box with a big ribbon on it. in which case, can you please include a check for a million dollars?