Just about the only kind of dress I will wear - long and baggy. But the addition of a nice clean lady bag gives it a bit more of a feminine touch. Ok fine, I wasn't expecting you to overlook the sneakers, but really all I can do is try.

I've never been much of a bag person. I prefer classic designs as long as all the styles are covered - bucket, messenger, small, tote, lady, doctor, duffel. Finally ticked that grown up lady bag off the list and even ventured into non-black territory. I swear I always find all my hunting list items on The RealReal.

photos by Jazzi


The holidays are upon us. How is it almost 2015? I breezed through Black Friday temptations like a champ, but December always puts me in a #treatyoself mood. And since it is already the second day of the month, may as well jump straight into it?

I'm hooked on The Real Real. So much Louis, Prada, Chanel, Stella, Proenza, and Céline (without the Celine Dion CDs and Vegas show merch). I got my Chanel duster there so it's sort of becoming my go-to for rare and past season items. Missed out on vintage YSL cufflinks for $50 :( but you bet I put myself on their wait list option. How do you think I got this coat? The holidays are a time for optimism after all. Check out their 12 Days of Gifting here for luxury holiday gift ideas, or just go #treatyoself.

photos by YY


I rarely accentuate my waist. In fact, if anything I'm constantly hiding it under baggy shirts. But if ever there was a reason to cinch it, it would be this belt. This glorious bionic belt. Never was there such a belt. Belt, belt, belt.

Side note: I am now inspired to take up Kendo again.


Céline top via Zoë

I guess I just can't help myself with iconic or weird patterns. When this, now infamous, plaid came down the runway and everyone screamed holy laundry bags! I had a feeling I'd be on the prowl. After all, I'd always regretted not getting any of the foulard prints. And on the topic of foulard, as happy as I was for the overwhelming response towards the first run of skateboards a few years back, it was just that...overwhelming. I didn't really have any interest in doing anymore for a long while. Or at least until it felt right. And now fast forward two years, here I am again.

Available for a limited time, you can get them here. And pssst a very small quantity of the old ones.


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Last week during my quick trip to NY, I attended a private viewing of artist Isa Genzken's retrospective exhibition at the MoMA. The exhibition is sponsored by Céline and I don't think I was the only person to attend hoping to catch a glimpse of Ms. Philo herself. The stars aligned and we were introduced and she is the most gracious, down-to-earth, chill, chicest, most ideal version of the hero I had in my mind all along. Such a thrill when the people you admire are real genuine cool people. And I'll keep the rest for myself. Still levitating...


me outside the Jeremy Laing show // ph by Le 21ème

As evidenced by this precious jacket (cardigan?) of mine, I am obsessed with all things woven. Whether mid century wall hangings or rare runway pieces, my greed knows no bounds. I want it all. If there's a party in the warp and a party in the weft, I'm there. So when I saw the Proenza Schouler show,  it was like those clutches were speaking directly to me. Pssst. Hey. Hi. Me and you, come spring?
And let us not forget the hardware of the sleeker, minimal pieces that balanced out all the shag. Great hardware will get you far in my book. Right up there with great shoes (no mysteries here). That aforementioned tailspin? Case. in. point.


Jen Kao vest and dress // CÉLINE sandals // Mansur Gavriel clutch

Wore Jen Kao to her show today - my favorite look of NYFW so far that is, no doubt, heavily influenced by the comfort factor. I would basically wear this every day if I could. Actually come to think of it my whole outfit is glorified house wear - essentially a nightgown and house slippers. Funny how black makes everything chicer.


CÉLINE top // Ksubi jeans

For those of you who wish you had my life, all you have to do is work 9 am - 7 pm everyday and then come home and watch old episodes of Lie To Me (because you've already seen every single episode of SVU 3 times from that one time you watched it from the first episode of the first season to the last episode of the last season front to back to front again). This is about as much partying as I do. And I like it. #friday


vintage tee // vintage Levi's // 3.1 Phillip Lim jacket // CÉLINE Trio bag // Jenni Kayne D'Orsay flats // Ray Ban sunglasses

Some day there will be a day when I won't complain anymore - about too much work, about too little time, about being so tired, about not knowing what to eat - but until then, here are some photos from a month ago to distract us. It was windy and I went to go see dinosaurs. You can do that sort of thing on your birthday.

And yes, I listen to Iron Maiden. Relax anons.


CÉLINE top and pants // Vans shoes

I am 34. I am 34. I am 34.

Oh sorry, just trying to get used to it. Sometimes I feel 12 (most of the time I feel 85). This is from my birthday this past Sunday. Just a quiet day at the dog park with my family. Impractical outfit with practical shoes. Sort of a metaphor for the balancing act that is my life.

It's intentional that there's not a whole lot of deep meaningful, or serious content here. For me the internet is not the place for it. That's what real life is for I guess. There are times though, throughout the year that I do get sentimental or downright pensive, usually around holidays or this here birthday. I never would have imagined my life would be as it is now, ten years ago. Probably not even two years ago. I try not to think about it too much. It stops me dead in my tracks and ain't nobody got time for that! Gotta keep it moving. You just have to try to be thankful for what you do have and work harder to fill in the rest of the blanks.