CÉLINE blazer // Zara linen tee // Cheap Monday jeans // Sigerson Morrison boots

I'm not really much of a holiday dresser. If anything I tend to do the opposite of what's expected. If it's booty short occasion, I'll do leather pants. If it's a dress occasion, I'll do a suit. But today I felt like getting into the Easter groove. Maybe cause it's a family day? I don't actually own anything pastel, but I did have this jacket, which is a rare floral piece in my closet. Close enough right?


Celine vest // Target turtleneck // Cheap Monday jeans // Burberry Prorsum boots // Celine sunglasses // Givenchy bag

Hapkido? Jedi? What the hell is that girl wearing? I think these are the more common thoughts of the general public. But in the cyber world, I know you get me. I realized later that the belt really takes it to that Tae Kwon Do level, so maybe next time I'll go sans. I wish these photos weren't so blown out so you could see the topstitch details that made my mind go blank and had me whipping out my cc faster than you can say haya! So as one Instagram follower noted correctly, this is the capelikevestcoatkeepmewarmwithoutmakingmenervouslyclaustrophobic thing as previously mentioned. Happy holidays. My unrestricted arms salute you.