There is something to be said about fancy packaging amiright? I'm pretty much the opposite of a hoarder, I immediately throw out unnecessary boxes and bags and wrappings. With the exception of not-too-wrinkled tissue paper that is, that I can save for shipping purposes, that is neatly deposited into my shipping supplies bin, yes I have organized bins (and files and cabinets, you name it). But these LN-CC boxes are just too nice to throw out. So far they house receipts and electronics cables, but this one is the biggest yet.

Oh yeah, and my new Dries cardigan. Insert *heart eye emoji*.


Zara crepe tank // Mango leather sweatpants // Brook&Lyn necklace // Dries Van Noten boots // Loeffler Randall bag

The weather has been fickle in LA lately. All last week it was cold and overcast and then there would be a break in the clouds and intermittent sun. You have to stay on top of it though, or else you miss the warmth and the chance to go jacketless. I feel like the older I get the more bashful I am about showing skin. I'm turning into my mom? I guess I should enjoy tanks while I can.


Dries Van Noten mens coat // T by Alexander Wang tee // Altamont jeans // Dries Van Noten boots

Lately I've been more concerned with living life than taking photos of it. There was a time when toting my camera around was second nature, but with Instagram and just plain forgetfulness, I haven't done much documenting these days. Hopefully now that I'll finally have more free time (yay!) I can get back into the swing of blogging. But for now, in my last few days of no work before I start my new job, I'll just hang with these little rascals.

Oh and case in point, these boots were posted on my Instagram a while back but they're new here so let's just bask in all their glory (one more time for me).