The Hundreds #Incorpirated shirt // Emerica jacket // J Brand jeans // Vans x Blends SK8-HIs

Typical Monday - Friday officewear for me. Tee, jeans, comfy shoes. Lucky, I know, but I'd still like to eliminate even this bottom level of laziness and just wear a Dickies jumpsuit to work everyday. Imagine how much time you'd save! Oh but can't leave the house without a bunch of Kuma/Pepper lint of course. And some of you may be wondering about the tshirt I'm wearing. One of the perks of working for a company with its own printing facilities. A commentary on corporate branding, if you will. You can read about it here.

1994 ME 2012

Emerica tshirt // vintage Wrangler jeans // Isabel Marant cardigan // Zara boots

That's how long I've had these jeans. Since 1994. They used to be hole-free and gigantic and now they're beat up and, well, actually fit. Through all my incarnations and closet purges they've somehow managed to hold their place in my closet. It's funny how the (top) left is pretty much an accurate representation of me during that time and fast forward to the right, not a lot has changed other than some elevated fashion purchases. People evolve but the base stays the same.