Zara coat // Equipment sweater // Alexander Wang trousers // Adidas x Raf Simons shoes

I'm really loving the gloomy weather this week. There was a time when I hated any degree higher than the one where I could just wear a tshirt and jeans and be perfectly comfortable (which is usually around 76). Now the minute it dips into the 60s I reach for full on winter coats, just cause...when else can I?

On the topic of mens shoes (see below post), I managed to reverse squeeze my feet into these Adidas x Raf Simons. That's what thick socks are for. The colors are ugly and obnoxious in the most perfect way - something about burgundy/navy combos that just gets me. Shout out to Solestruck Mens for stocking the small sizes!


Equipment Homme shirt // vintage Levi's shorts // Birkenstocks // Issey Miyake bag // Ann-Sofie Back sunglasses

Just a quick update from Cabo. I've had a crazy few weeks leading up to this work trip that I'm on at the moment. Wifi is terrible, but I suppose that's not high up on the priority list for most people who come here. Follow me on Instagram if you care to see more of what I'm up to. @stopitrightnow :)

I have an Instagram contest going on right now too, don't forget to enter that by Friday!


Acne jacket // Equipment shirt // custom leather shorts // Blends x Vans Vault SK8-HIs

You know when you're so busy you can't eat lunch, then you're so tired you can barely eat dinner? Take out is the answer. Ideally I wouldn't have to walk, but I'll take what I can get. (California rolls and watermelon???)

I sat in shrimp back position hunched over a project for six hours straight with no breaks. I have prison eyes and my back is crumbling, so there's not much more Tuesday I can handle. Tomorrow friends!


Theory cardigan // Equipment shirt // Mango leather pants // CÉLINE loafers

I've been really into this silhouette lately - loose top, loose pants, flat shoes. I wrote a lengthy explanation but deleted it because nothing really needs to be said other than HOLY SHIT THESE SHOES. I mean really.