Tee, Leather Camisole, Jeans, Moto Jacket, Pump, all by Vince.

photography by Paul Sun

With Summer just around the corner (or in your face, if you're in LA), it's time to kick the socializing up a notch. Funny coming from me, I know. But hey, we have to meet face to face at some point, right? So come say hi and get some styling tips, or just bring me some french fries (no ketchup) and tell me about your day. See you at the VINCE + ELLE shopping event this Thursday May 8!

8471 Melrose Pl.
6 - 8pm


While we all wait for Summer to kick in, here's a fun event to pencil into your Spring calendars! Come hang with me for a VINCE + ELLE shopping event. You can drink some special dranks, try on stuff, and listen to so super tunes by my bud So Super SamInterested in looking like a Pom-loving tomboy business lady hybrid like me?  Or a first date look? Third date look? Or want to look sharp for your next meeting? I'm flexible! I'll be there to give some styling tips. See you May 8th?

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