"A Denial" SSDD FW13

Consistently my favorite mens brand, Fuct's SSDD line never disappoints. The only thing I hate about it is that you can't find it very easily in the US. But I guess in some ways that could be considered a good thing. To top it off, the best photography by Rick Rodney. "A Denial" will be in stores soon. 

had lunch at Newsroom the other day. i normally hate being even in the vicinity of Robertson Blvd but it's worth the trek for these buffalo wings. they're actually made of tempeh. i have this weird aversion to meat on bones, so this is a great alternative for me. they're even shaped and put on little sticks to resemble actual wings and the sauce...is...friggin....delicious.

i pretty much just go to there for the wings, but i also always order the Avocado Bacon Chicken burger. i love how the patty is not just a chicken breast chunk but an actual ground meat with spices patty. oh and i don't eat pork, so the extra crispy turkey bacon on these is a dream.

stopped by a friend's house and lo and behold his new little kitty, Kika. i'm crazy allergic to cats and pretty much don't like them to begin with (i'm a dog person), but kittens are cute to look at. i knelt down to get something from my bag and Kika starting going nuts playing with my hair.

until she discovered my Slurpee...

wearing Fuct tee, DIY bleached/distressed jeans, snakeskin cowboy boots


my friend Erik (who started one of my favorite brands of all time, Fuct) threw a surprise birthday party for his lady Emmelie and WOW...i don't even know where to begin. i thought my party was awesome but this was beyond. we already know they pull out all the stops with amazing cakes, like the one they had for their daughter Bella's 2nd birthday, but when this was unveiled there was a collective GASP and a moment of silence for its sheer epicness. Anvil would be proud.

suppppprrrrrrrise Emmelie!

yet another DIY Raquel (be forewarned - i plan on wearing these all damn summer!) + Yohji Yamamoto Doc Martens

and then THESE were brought out. FUCKING Rock of Love dude! Erik had made backstage passes a la Rock of Love for each one of us with our photos and names on them and everything.

and thennnnnnnnnnnnn. THE STRIPPER. who kicked off the show by putting all the passes around Emmelie's neck like she was fuckin Bret Michaels, with the theme song of Rock of Love blasting in the background. check out Reese in the background!

aaaaand here's where it starts getting waaay NSFW so i'll stop here.

we each got our respective passes at the end. now that's what you call a grown ass party favor!

Alexander Wang Rico bucket bag + vintage scarf + backstage pass