GARETH PUGH AW10 JOIE DE VIVRE featuring Raquel Zimmerman

(click here if you missed his AW09 video)


And the results of the giveaway are....
Congrats to Superfluamente!

Thank you to everyone who entered and submitted questions. I will answer them right away!

photos from Blogger Shop Day 2. all i can say was fucking hot. no words. just....HOT.

here's i am trying to avoid being the most bitchinest booth ever. SexSavages duh. wearing the worst thing ever. black denim. i felt like i was being choked. or rather, my legs did.
so i had to change into shorts. which resulted in me just looking like i forgot my pants. but at least it was a bit cooler. thank god you can see a sliver of them, there's proof. i ended up getting sandwiched between two canopies, resulting in no shade or cover from the blazing heat whatsoever. my brother and i had to stand in the alley nearby just to stay sane. i now have a lovely watch tan and red bib on my neck/chest.

summer no bummer

random photos i haven't posted + today's events...

two words. Colossal. Burger.

summer is nice.

say no to Sierra Mist.

went to LACMA today with the bro. there was this amazing installation thing outside. like a carnival house-of-fun, except made with various plastic household items. things like this make me forget my age.

wearing bleached denim shirt, Corpus tank, Zara trousers, Gareth Pugh two-tone wedges, Wang Rico bag, Mosley Tribes sunglasses

ended with a trip to the korean market for dinner supplies.

i could have sworn someone roundhouse jump kicked me in the diaphragm the instant i saw these wang fall 09 boots. wtf alex. seriously though, can you stop? give me some time to get together some funds before you pull this shit, huh?

they easily slide into a tied #1 spot with the fall 09 phi boots.

and ravaging the #2 spot would be these fuckers.
(also wang)

these deserve a hall of fame all on their own. i still haven't recovered from initially seeing these on the runway and dreaming every night of how to possibly craft my own? but man, to be able to just own it. and coddle it. and snuggle it. oh and flaunt it.

also currently stoked on...

ann d bell vest top thing

gareth pugh pleated trousers

moncler gamme rouge jacket

sick rick owens boots

hey uh yeah...could you maybe spot me?

uh like twenty? oh, i mean uh twenty grand. yeah, that should be good.


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