Four out of five workdays I wear a tshirt and some sort of comfy pants. One out of those four days is a borderline sweatpant pajama variation. So I'm thankful for pants like these that trick my body into thinking they're sweatpants, but I can look down and breathe a sigh of proper work attire relief that they are indeed leather. Heck I'm practically dressed up! And especially in this sweaty knee pit weather we've been experiencing, stretchy loose leather is a godsend.


ASOS jumpsuit // Givenchy Necklace // CÉLINE Trio clutch

I actually did a really poor job of documenting my outfits during fashion week. Probably because it was a hectic mess and I was more focused on not sweating than actually looking fashionable. I'll try to post some more looks if I can scrounge some up. This is what I wore to the Theyskens Theory show. The top image is from W Mag and the bottom from The Cut. It's a very strange thing being street style snapped.

When the photographers asked for outfit details, they all gasped when I said my jumpsuit was from ASOS. Or maybe they were just plain shocked I was wearing a wool tweed jumpsuit in 80 degree weather. (There were clouds in the morning, ok?) Either way, you can get it here.


Zara shirt // P.A.M. skirt // Givenchy necklace // CÉLINE heels // Jil Sander bag

Wore this out to a family dinner a few weeks ago. The last of the birthday outfits (wait there were only two). Trying to figure out ways to wear this necklace casually, if such a thing even exists. Is this the new look of hip hop?

Just landed in New York for an exciting project and some meetings. Feeling like a zombie at the moment so hitting the sack in hopes of smaller dark circles and less scaley skin in the morning.


no brand cape vest // LNA muscle tee // custom leather shorts // Givenchy necklace // CÉLINE heels

No one can really prepare you for what your life will be. You kind of just face it as it comes. Adapting with every twist and turn and bump along the way. Hopefully you learn things. Hopefully you're kind. Hopefully you have a little fun. And hopefully you're making everyday count.

Another birthday, come and gone.


Acne jacket // NYC PARIS tee // RVCA jeans // Jenni Kayne flats // Givenchy bag

I've been on an insane eating spree this weekend and I'm scared of tomorrow's Easter dinner climax. Maybe I was subconsciously stretching my stomach in preparation? There can only be one answer... stretchy pants.

This tee now comes in an awesome grey melange and is available for preorder here. Free shipping in the US and international shipping is now a GO! Let's all match!

Oh and I need a favor from someone in Stockholm. Any takers?!


3.1 Phillip lim jacket // H&M dress // Versace sunglasses // Balenciaga boots // Givenchy bag

The great thing about California is that there are all these little pockets of visual variances just a few hours drive away. I chalk it up to the weather being friendly and attracting all kinds of cultures who set up shop here. Solvang is one of my favorite random spots in this great state that never fails to make me feel like a kid again. It's kind of like a Danish Disneyland for adults. Grab a pretzel, look at some porcelain tchotchkes, and be back home in time for dinner. Perfect for a quick holiday trip.

Side note: that last photo was taken with an iPhone. Kinda nice if I do say so myself. As bad as I can get at blogging regularly, I kind of rule at updating my Instagram. Sad for my personal life, but good for you guys if you need a quick peak here and there. I'm @stopitrightnow, duh.

Also, HOLY SHIT I'M WEARING A DRESS. Take it in, I know.


Celine vest // Target turtleneck // Cheap Monday jeans // Burberry Prorsum boots // Celine sunglasses // Givenchy bag

Hapkido? Jedi? What the hell is that girl wearing? I think these are the more common thoughts of the general public. But in the cyber world, I know you get me. I realized later that the belt really takes it to that Tae Kwon Do level, so maybe next time I'll go sans. I wish these photos weren't so blown out so you could see the topstitch details that made my mind go blank and had me whipping out my cc faster than you can say haya! So as one Instagram follower noted correctly, this is the capelikevestcoatkeepmewarmwithoutmakingmenervouslyclaustrophobic thing as previously mentioned. Happy holidays. My unrestricted arms salute you.


Zara coat and cashmere shirt // vintage leather pants // UNIF shoes // Givenchy bag // Versace sunglasses

I can see how people get addicted to betting on races. Keeneland was so much fun. I imagine Christmas would be really beautiful in Kentucky. Or anywhere else besides California for that matter. Surfing Santas just don't cut it.


Stine Goya sweater // GAP plaid flannel skirt // Opening Ceremony buckle wedges // Givenchy Pandora bag

Pixelman and I went on an uncharacteristically bourgeois date at the new Gold Class Cinema in Pasadena. I've been to a theater like this before in Thailand, where you have your own fancy squishy reclining couch and a table for food and drinks and even blanket service, but it didn't cost anywhere even near this place. Don't get me wrong, it is nice and way more luxurious than a regular theater, but really only worth it if you're actually going to take advantage of the food menu and eat-while-you-watch experience.
While we were waiting outside, I was practicing how to cross my eyes à la Pixelman. He does this thing where he only crosses one eye inward and the other stays forward. Qualities to cherish in your mate #eyeballautonomy

And thank you Espen for this sketch. (from this post)