In (premature) preparation of the (hopefully) imminent cold (fine, chilly) weather, I'm stocking up on sweaters. Angora sweaters to be precise. Nothing like some real life Gaussian blur fuzziness. I hit the jackpot at H&M with these. I went in hoping to find a white one (check) and found this heathered one as well. My itch has been scratched. Whew.


Zara linen tee // H&M angora sweater // RVCA jeans // Burberry Prorsum wedges // Ann-Sofie Back sunglasses

I didn't grow up using the microwave, so I'm embarrassingly inept at gauging times to reheat things. I mean I can cook or bake anything, but I need explicit time directions when it comes to nuking. I burned the shit out of my microwave trying to make none other than microwave popcorn the other night. I was flailing my arms trying to keep the alarm and sprinklers from going off, like another poor resident did a few months ago destroying about 20 other units in the process. Luckily I was saved from that shame, but now our entire place reeks of smoke. I'm jumping at any chance I get to breath fresh air.

Between the smokey home and the sub zero A/C my company insists on, the little outdoor breaks in the random 91˚ winter weather as of late are kind of nice.


3.1 Phillip lim jacket // H&M dress // Versace sunglasses // Balenciaga boots // Givenchy bag

The great thing about California is that there are all these little pockets of visual variances just a few hours drive away. I chalk it up to the weather being friendly and attracting all kinds of cultures who set up shop here. Solvang is one of my favorite random spots in this great state that never fails to make me feel like a kid again. It's kind of like a Danish Disneyland for adults. Grab a pretzel, look at some porcelain tchotchkes, and be back home in time for dinner. Perfect for a quick holiday trip.

Side note: that last photo was taken with an iPhone. Kinda nice if I do say so myself. As bad as I can get at blogging regularly, I kind of rule at updating my Instagram. Sad for my personal life, but good for you guys if you need a quick peak here and there. I'm @stopitrightnow, duh.

Also, HOLY SHIT I'M WEARING A DRESS. Take it in, I know.

Just got these leather tees from H&M that are probably the closest I'll ever get to the Celine leather shirts above...and I'm completely ok with that. It's super thin, soft leather on the front panel and sleeves and the back is a lightweight cotton poplin. It has sort of a cropped fit, which I hate, but I got it in the largest size so it's more boxy. I don't know if it's age or a rapidly developing hoarding tendency, but I find myself being greedy and buying things I like in multiple colors all at once. Or maybe I'm just picky and since it's hard for me to find things I love, when I do I have to make the most of it? I'm going to go with option #2, it sounds better.

Go run out to your nearest H&M and pick one up for yourself! Or two! Or three! - oh yeah there's a dark grey one too that I forgot to mention, but hey I'm mentioning it now. Or if you're a lazy ass like me here are the style numbers so you can call ahead and get a stock check before you waste gas driving out there. Gas is so expensive these days. I remember when it was 99¢ a gallon.....oh yeah, the style numbers...

Black 070297 2 0103 09 2
Camel 070297 2 0103 13 9

hmmm looks familiar

remember that dream jacket i posted about a while back?

i know a bunch blogs/sites have covered the upcoming H&M fall line that's supposed to be super amazing, chock full of rad black pieces - yay! - but i happened upon one of the jackets in the line and was instantly struck with deja vu. looks eerily like my thrifted jacket. i mean it's not the same rad cut or silky smoov fabric, but the seamed diagnoal chevron stripes + ruching between the stripes....hmmmmmm......too much of a coincidence.

and i wasn't really going to post on this, but hey what the heck, since we're on the subject, my picks from the line....