with cheese please

While perusing zany sidecar action, I stumbled across this gem, who I will now refer to as my Hero. Actually, let's call him Hero #2 since no one can ever dethrone Mr. Laurence Tureaud. Back to this guy, he's obsessed with hamburgers (clearly) as am I so naturally I would fall in love with his custom hamburger harley, or the Burger Trike as he calls it. I would drive this thing everywhere. Is there anyone that can build me one of these? I'm being completely serious.
via google image search

And as you all know, one google image search often turns into a chain of searches (and in my case, becomes a day-long activity) and I'm posting these because of their, well, obvious relevance. Moreover, obvious awesomeness.



two wheeled freedom

these are the shots that Cass just sent me from when we did the little mini shoot for the Iron 883 Dark Custom over at her place. i've been flip flopping between which bike to get, but i'm leaning towards a newer one like this that's not going to give me any immediate hassles. it was a really smooth ride and i especially like the blacked-out version.H-D's commercial for the bike.

oh and FYI, SexSavages and Gnarlitude will be participating in the next Space 15 Twenty blogger sale coming up in August so be sure to go and support and buy some awesome shit from them!

Thanks again Cass!