1994 ME 2012

Emerica tshirt // vintage Wrangler jeans // Isabel Marant cardigan // Zara boots

That's how long I've had these jeans. Since 1994. They used to be hole-free and gigantic and now they're beat up and, well, actually fit. Through all my incarnations and closet purges they've somehow managed to hold their place in my closet. It's funny how the (top) left is pretty much an accurate representation of me during that time and fast forward to the right, not a lot has changed other than some elevated fashion purchases. People evolve but the base stays the same.


Isabel Marant cardigan c.o Satine // DIY bleached denim shirt // Ezekiel jeans // Acne boots

Hey mother nature - just steady the course into crisp winter weather and I promise I'll stop complaining about ashy skin and chapped knuckles this year. Please just no more of this back and forth hot/cold nonsense, I can't keep toggling between tanks and sweaters. This sweater is begging to be worn in a more regular rotation so let's not mess with my knit game, huh?

I did a few interviews recently. You can check them out here and here.


vintage army parka // Isabel Marant scarf // H&M dress // Acne boots

I'm in Lexington, KY at the moment for a wedding. It's so nice to step on a plane in one climate and step off in an entirely different one. It's definitely winter here...err, a California winter and I guess maybe a Kentucky fall. Right. It's gorgeous here...and slow. So slow. People actually have time to be polite. It's making me want to move out of LA even more than I always do. How nice to breathe in clean air. How nice to wear coats out of necessity and not fashion. How nice to be surrounded by history and charm. How nice.

On a slightly indirectly related note, two days before I was supposed to get on the plane, I lost my wallet after a dinner date. Well, briefly lost my wallet for about ten psychotic minutes. Definitely cool and calm on the outside but inner turmoil bubbling out of control with OCD madness. I've never lost my wallet in my life. IN MY LIFE. So I was more disappointed in myself than shocked at the actual loss. I had it getting into the car leaving the restaurant but discovered its absence after a stop at a nearby plaza for late night snacks. We went back to the restaurant and traced our steps with no luck. We almost gave up but thought we'd drive back to the nearby plaza and give the 711 one last look since that's where we were parked in front of. Hadn't initially crossed our minds since it's a notoriously sketchy 711 where a lot of homeless people congregate outside of. I think we just dismissed it accepting there was a 1% chance that if it was found, it would be turned in. I walked in more as a mechanical last ditch effort than actually hoping to find it, but there it was sitting on the counter. Never doubt the 1%.

cant wait for spring...

i don't think anyone ever questions whether or not ann demeulemeester will deliver, come each new season, but at the end of each you're always left wondering how it could get any better. just when you think how will she top the leather ribcage belt contraption and THOSE lace up boots? she comes with these metal strands and insane strappy footwear. these boots are the ultimate for spring.

this dress and jacket would drastically improve the quality of my life.
and what even needs to be said about these...

love this take on the classic white shirt and tailored suit.

Parisian chic yes. other shows may have more whoa and pizazz but Isabel Marant always shows the most everyday wearable chic clothes. this jacket is perfection.

after last fall's crazy metal and chainmail detailed jackets i looked forward to seeing what new details there would be for spring. surprisingly these shoes caught my eye more than the clothes. the detail on the jacket though is so exquisite.

no words.