The holidays are upon us. How is it almost 2015? I breezed through Black Friday temptations like a champ, but December always puts me in a #treatyoself mood. And since it is already the second day of the month, may as well jump straight into it?

I'm hooked on The Real Real. So much Louis, Prada, Chanel, Stella, Proenza, and Céline (without the Celine Dion CDs and Vegas show merch). I got my Chanel duster there so it's sort of becoming my go-to for rare and past season items. Missed out on vintage YSL cufflinks for $50 :( but you bet I put myself on their wait list option. How do you think I got this coat? The holidays are a time for optimism after all. Check out their 12 Days of Gifting here for luxury holiday gift ideas, or just go #treatyoself.

photos by YY


Emerson Fry coat // A.L.C. tank and bag // J Brand jeans // Adidas shoes // Ray Ban sunglasses

This is actually my favorite blink-and-you-might-miss-it weather period of LA. Just about a week that hovers in the high 60s between "winter" and "spring" (quotations emphasizing our lack of actual seasons) - perfect for tshirt and jeans and a light jacket. This Emerson Fry coat falls into the ideal Spring outerwear category offering just a tiny bit of extra warmth with bonus points for making it look like you tried when really you're just wearing those same jeans + Adidas for the umpteenth time. I am, if nothing else, an illusionist.


The Hundreds #Incorpirated shirt // Emerica jacket // J Brand jeans // Vans x Blends SK8-HIs

Typical Monday - Friday officewear for me. Tee, jeans, comfy shoes. Lucky, I know, but I'd still like to eliminate even this bottom level of laziness and just wear a Dickies jumpsuit to work everyday. Imagine how much time you'd save! Oh but can't leave the house without a bunch of Kuma/Pepper lint of course. And some of you may be wondering about the tshirt I'm wearing. One of the perks of working for a company with its own printing facilities. A commentary on corporate branding, if you will. You can read about it here.


Zara blouse // vintage scarf // J Brand jeans // Céline furry sandals

I know. I know. They're the ugliest, most confusing shoes ever. Precisely why I like them? Surprisingly not as suffocating as you'd think either. At least not any more than any of the boots I'd be wearing otherwise. There is much to be said about toe ventilation. 

And I leave you with a photo of Albert Einstein also sitting on steps also wearing furry slippers. Deep.


Veda Castor vest // H&M sweater // J Brand jeans // Balenciaga boots

Still waiting for the weather to make up its mind. Clearly this isn't from this weekend, when I was wearing 60% less clothing in the 100˚ oppressive heat. Nope, this is from the weekend before when it was dark and rainy. A little too extreme if you ask me. Waking up and checking the weather report has become too much of a thing.


J Brand jeans // vintage parka // Zara linen tee // Chloe boots // UO beanie

It's pomegranate season at Pinkberry so my yogurt intake will be up exponentially in the coming month. And now that you are caught up on my food goings on, we need to discuss these jeans (thank you J Brand!). They make me feel so fancy. Regal almost - which is not an easy feat, considering my upper look is verging on street urchin. They're covered in this gold brocade flocking that is bringing me out of my minimal loving ways of recent. 

Flocking is one of those words I love, but so rarely get to use. Flock. Flocker. Flocking flock.


J Brand Leather Skinny Pants // Jenni Kayne D'Orsay Flats

For some time, my OCD has rendered my perfect flats finding mission utterly useless. The two main requirements being a completely flat sole (none of that 0.5 cm heel business) and a completely flat toe (none of that elfing upwards business). Two seemingly average requests, but in actuality a difficult combination to find...until now.

I dub thee, D'Orsay, the most perfect flats ever.

*firm hand shake*